On Saturday, September 24, literary agent, John T. Mason, will host a “pitch fest” for all workshop participants who are interesting in pitching their creative nonfiction book idea.

Each person will have a 10-15-minute one-on-one session with John. (Participants will be contacted ahead of time with information on how to sign up for the pitch fest.)

No standing in long lines waiting for your turn to pitch! When it’s your turn, you’ll be escorted to a separate room from the regular workshop sessions for your chance to talk about your book with John. You’ll get feedback on your work from a professional, who will also help you tighten up your pitch. If he’s interested in your book, he’ll ask you to send him a query, book proposal, or manuscript sample after the workshop is over. (Don’t bring book proposals or manuscripts to give to him during the pitch.)

Here’s a post I wrote for the 2010 CNF Conference in Oxford on HOW TO PREPARE A PITCH for your nonfiction book.


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